Embarkation and disembarkation basket (CED) for 8 people

Equipment for boarding and disembarking personnel (widow), entrance for 8 people

Additional safety system with two steel cables plowed better. Galvanized with 6 x 19 construction fiber core, 1.42 cm (9/16 ") diameter, 545 cm length, 10,500 kg min breaking strength for each cable inside the tarpaulin that also covers the damping bands.

The nets or meshes are made of multifilament polypropylene rope twisted into 3 strands 1.90 cm (3/4 ") in diameter min., Three horizontal and three vertical ropes for each mooring point has a minimum resistance to break of 4.309 kg.

Bottom ring is carbon steel 2.54 cm (1 ") in diameter, covered with closed cell foamed polyurethane, density min. 80 kg / m3, flammability of 2.54 cm / 20 s. Water absorption max. 0.3 kg / m2, minimum thickness of 25.4 cm (10 ") in diameter, which absorbs shocks and guarantees buoyancy, lined with pvc canvas with a high tenacity polyester weft, optical yellow color that allows its visibility even in adverse conditions.

It complies with the marking and labeling requested in the NOM-038-SCT4-2009.


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