Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 7/64 to 6 1/2 inches.

Amsteel blue is a torque-free 12 strand braid that, size for size, is as strong as steel, yet lasts longer than 3: 1 wire making it an excellent replacement for wire rope. At 1 / 7th the weight of wire rope, it is a safe and efficient solution for all marine applications where wire rope is traditionally used. The combination of dyneema fibers and the samthane coating provide abrasion and resistance to stress fatigue. Amsteel is easy to splice and inspection. Amsteel blue is recommended for split drum winch applications. It is not recommended for use on h-bitts, winches or cleats if rope slipping or passing is required.

Danline Rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 1-5 / 8 to 4 inches
Inexpensive general purpose rope that floats and does not absorb water.
Specific gravity 0.91
General marine, mooring, towing and barge lines.

Manila Rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) 7/8

The manila security line is designed for the job. It is a safety line used by tree trimmers in felling trees, by climbers in dam construction, and wherever there is an unusual risk of damage from climbing. AN ADDITIONAL BUILT-IN SAFETY MARGIN makes it very different from regular manila rope. Not only is it a four strand product, but in the center of the string is a heart of wire rope (super steel). If the Manila rope is accidentally damaged, the rope adds the margin of safety for the protection of life and physical integrity.

Double Braided Nylon Rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 3/8 to 1-1 / 2

This line is produced from 100% white nylon fibers in both the covering and the core of the rope. In commercial fishing, double braided nylon is recommended for use on tow lines, sail lines, double and single falls, and for multiple general uses. For recreational boating uses, these lines make excellent mooring and mooring lines. In the utility industry they are used as hand lines and bull ropes. Double braided nylon is fully splicable. Subject to + 10%, –0% of these figures.

Rope with or without certificate.

Polypropylene rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 3/16 to 1 1/2 inches.
Rope with or without certificate.

Plasma Rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 7/16 to 4 inches

The 12 strand plasma rope is the highest strength synthetic rope available. It is made from Allied Signal Spectra® fiber that has been enhanced by Puget Sound Rope's proprietary recrystallization process. This process is especially effective on medium to large diameter ropes where the strengths are 50% higher and the yield is significantly less than the standard 12 strand Spectra.

Polydacron Rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 1/4 to 3 inches.

Polydac rope is made from a combination of polyester and polypropylene fibers and is an excellent, low-cost, general-purpose rope. This inexpensive, high-strength rope has very low stretch properties, is abrasion resistant, and splices easily. Additionally Polydac has good dielectric properties. Used in the construction and fishing industries.

  • White with a white, black and pale brown marker.
  • Additional sizes and colors available upon request .

Maxiflex Gold W/6´ Rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 1 5/8 to 4 inches.

Gold of 8 strands with eyes covered with 6 & rdquo; canvas. at both ends
8-strand high strength polyester / polypropylene blended mooring lines used for mooring larger vessels. OCIMF approved for tanker use. These ropes have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than normal mooring lines and float. All of our mooring lines are supplied with 6 foot covered eyelets on both ends and are ABS or Lloyds certified.

  • Available colors: White

Braided Polyester Rope

Available in sizes (Diameter in inches) from 5/8 to 4 inches

12 Braided Polyester cape provides high strength, low stretch and excellent abrasion resistance in a single braid construction.
Polyester 12 braid splices easily using a standard pleat splice and is 30% stronger than three strands or 8 braid of polyester. Its torque-free braided construction provides easy handling and prevents kinks and holes.

Thimble for synthetic rope

Available sizes 3/8 - 7/16 to 6-3 / 4 - 7
Increases the life of the sling, protects the eyes, reduces costs. Light weight, heavy duty.

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