Espeque buoy

The SL-B1060 is a high quality mirror buoy, it is an affordable buoy ideal for marking hazards, anchoring areas and channels in lakes and ponds. The SL-B1060 is rotomolded in one piece using UV stabilized polyethylene making it nearly indestructible. The buoy is completely foam filled for added strength and buoyancy, it is virtually impossible to sink it in the unwanted event of damage.

600mm light signaling buoy

Ideal for marking hazards, anchor fields and channels in lakes, rivers and small coastal ports. Interconnected lifting and tether hole adds strength during deployment / removal.

1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy

One-piece floating section with internal stainless steel rods connecting lift and tie holes. Helps ensure uniform lifting effort on the buoy for a robust AtoN. Lifespan of up to 20 years
ALA: Surface colors that comply with IALA E-10
Quality control: ISO9001: 2015

2600mm Diameter Ocean Buoy (Atlantic-2600)

2.6 meter diameter buoy with 4.1 meter focal height with double lifting hole and anchorage interconnected by stainless steel bars. Only buoy in its class with no central anchor point for minimal weight. Quickly and easily deployable and transported in a standard shipping container

3000mm Diameter Ocean Buoy (Atlantic-3000)

It is characterized by having a 3 meter diameter floating section without the incorporation of a central steel mooring post, which makes it light, fast and easy to deploy and transport in a standard shipping container.

2200mm Diameter Ocean Buoy (Nautilus-2200)

2.2 meter float diameter with a 3.2 meter flashlight focal height that can be increased to 4 meters. Robust 2-part tower modular design to support substantial payload. Five buoys are economically transported in a 40-foot container.

1250mm Diameter Navigation Buoy

Strong, lightweight, one-piece floating section with one-piece molded cap accommodates a wide range of installation requirements.
Molded graphics
Solar energy supply
Sealite IALA recommends the best brands
External Ballast
Radar reflector

1750mm Diameter Ocean Buoy (Poseidon-1750)

3-part structure for easy deployment and maintenance. Two large lifting and anchoring points on the floating part are interconnected by grade 316 stainless steel bars for installation. Mid section available with secondary battery box.

2600mm Diameter Ocean Buoy (Trident-2600)

The TRIDENT-2600 is one of the largest rotomolded buoys available, with a 2.6 meter diameter float and a flashlight focal height of up to 5 meters
• High visibility red, green, white and yellow color according to IALA recommendations
• Robust construction in four modules
• Lightweight
• Excellent buoyancy and stability
• Easy installation and maintenance
• No need for painting
• Effective price and respectful with the environment
• Forklift access points allow safe mounting of the buoy
• Flat support on the deck of the maintenance boat

3000mm Diameter Ocean Buoy (Trident-3000)

3 meter float diameter with a flashlight focal height of up to 5 meters and many options for a wide range of marking applications. Unique 4-quadrant hull design. The only buoy in its class without a central anchor post for minimal weight. Quickly and easily deployable and transported in a standard shipping container. for Options
Stainless or galvanized one or two point anchors and tie posts.
Tower design available in hexagonal polyethylene or aluminum.

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