Solar Marine Lantern 1–2NM + SL-15

This compact short-range marine lantern with 1-2NM + solar LEDs is exceptional value and incorporates some of the most advanced technologies available. The SL-15 LED lamp is designed to be maintenance-free, installs in minutes and has a lifespan of more than 5 years.

The SL-15 is also available with an optional ON / OFF switch for temporary installations such as construction sites.

Solar Marine Lantern 2–3NM + SL-60

The SL-60 is the world's most popular and versatile 2-3MN + marine solar beacon. The SL-60 can be installed in minutes and requires no technical intervention. Rhythm codes are easily user-selectable, and the flashlight has a permanent ON / OFF switch for easy storage.

Solar Marine Lantern 2–3NM + SL-70

The SL-70 is the only one capable of 'following the sun' and operating reliably in low sunlight conditions. The SL-70 has been proven to perform as a compact buoy lantern with a range of 2-3 nautical miles in a variety of low sunlight environments such as Great Britain, Canada and Europe. Constructed from strong and durable polycarbonate and using the latest High intensity LEDs, the SL70 lantern features a high performance dual solar panel built into the latest generation Sealite lenses. These panels are angled for maximum sunlight harvesting, allowing the unit to operate reliably in a wide range of low sunlight environments.

3-5NM + SL-75 Marine Solar Lantern

High performance dual solar panels to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Bluetooth® technology with the Sealite Pro ™ mobile app for remote programming of lantern functions up to 50 meters away helps reduce maintenance time, improve productivity and minimize safety risks. Optional 21.5 Ah battery and 50 mm adapter plate for rear mounting.

Marine Lanterns 5–9MN + SL-125 Series

The SL-125 LED Marine Lantern is maintenance free and used by many of the world's busiest ports and military applications. The lantern is available with 4 crowns of 36 LEDs (144 LEDs in total), with complete flexibility to adapt to each application. Lantern Operation. The SL-125 is ideal for installation in pre-existing structures, or it can be supplied as a stand-alone unit with its solar panels and battery box. With a standard base and 1 meter of cable included, the SL-125 allows it to be easily installed by connecting to any 12-volt power supply. Once installed, the SL-125 requires no operator intervention. The rhythms are easily adjustable by the user, the flashlight will automatically start working in the dark once the ambient light falls sufficiently.

Complete Marine Lantern 5–7NM + SL-125-C Type 1

The SL-125-C Type 1 Complete Lantern provides a complete solution for visual navigation requirements. The SL-125-C Type 1 offers unique flexibility, and is available in different configurations to suit a wide range of installation requirements. and intensity. The 3mm aluminum enclosure is laser cut and robotically machined ensuring precision. One or two 20-watt solar panels come in their standard configuration, and the unit can be easily outfitted with auxiliary equipment.

Complete Marine Lantern 5–7NM + SL-125-C Type 2

The SL-125-C Type 2 complete lantern incorporates a larger battery box than the standard SL-125-C Type 1, allowing long autonomy, particularly in regions with low solar radiation. The SL-125-C Type 2 offers unique flexibility, and is available in different configurations to suit a wide range of installation and intensity requirements. The 3mm aluminum case is laser cut and robotically machined ensuring precision. One or two 40 watt solar panels come in their standard configuration for long range power or auxiliary equipment and with a large 55Ah battery.

Autonomous Marine Lantern 6-13MN + (SL-155)

The mid-range marine lantern offers multiple intensity settings and is available with vertical divergence ranges of 2.5, 5 or 10 degrees. Single row model has minimal and precise wind load.
GPS synchronization
GSM Monitoring and Control
Type 1 or Type 3 AIS encapsulated within the hull to maintain weatherproof integrity / minimize wind loading.
RS232 / 422/485 port.
Cable sync.
Serial programming cable.
Variety of solar / battery configurations.

6–13NM Marine Lanterns SL-155 Series - SL-155-2.5D, SL-155-5D & SL-155-10D

The APOLLO SL155 series are 6-13NM medium-range marine lanterns, available with a vertical divergence of 2.5, 5 or 10 degrees. Small size factor, a single crown on the SL-155 with multiple intensity settings, high levels of efficiency, and minimal wind load, offers significant advantages over competitive stacked lens mounts.

Solar Marine Lantern 3–5NM + SL-C310

The SL-C310 3-5MN + LED Solar Lantern is robust and completely self-contained specially designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, providing many years of service and low maintenance. The 3 and 4 mounting points on the base snap directly onto standard 200mm brackets for easy installation.The SL-C310 chassis is made of cast aluminum, with 7 layers of IALA high visibility color powder coating for recognized during the day, with UV stabilized rubber corners and gaskets providing a superior IP68 waterproof rating, the best in the industry.

Solar Marine Lantern 3–5NM + SL-C410

The SL-C410 is a self-contained 3-5MN + LED Solar Lantern specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, providing years of safe service and low maintenance. The 3- and 4-position base attaches directly to existing standard 200mm bases for easy installation. Four (4) premium grade solar panels are integrated into the chassis and mounted to capture sunlight from all angles. The SL-C410 has a large power supply consisting of four 5 watt solar panels (20 watts total) and the SL-C415 has four 6 watt solar panels (24 watts total) making these models perfect for areas. low solar radiation or where high duty cycles are required.

Solar Marine Lantern 4–5NM + SL-C420

The SL-C420 is a robust and fully self-contained 4-5MN + LED Marine Solar Lantern, which incorporates a 36-LED light source for increased light intensity. The 3 and 4 mounting points snap into the standard 200mm base brackets for ease of installation. The SL-C420 chassis is made of aluminum and painted in 7 layers in IALA high visibility daytime marking colors, and with UV stabilized rubber gaskets in the corners that ensure superior IP68 sealing - the highest in the industry.

Solar Marine Lantern 5-12MN + (SL-C500 / SL- C600)

These large marine lanterns offer a range of 5-12MN and a service life of more than 12 years. Four high-quality solar modules and a large internal battery provide greater autonomy, making them suitable for the needs of the most demanding users or for areas with little sunlight. The light source for the SL-C500 and SL-C600 is Sealite's SL-155, which offers multiple lens divergences and PC programming.

  • GPS synchronization
  • 200mm bolt pattern mounting plate
  • RS232 / 422/485 port and general purpose inputs and outputs (1) and outputs (1)
  • Wire sync
  • GSM remote monitoring and control
  • AIS Type 1 and Type 3 remote monitoring

5-9MN Solar Marine Lantern SL-C510

The SL-C510 is a fully self-contained, high intensity 5-9MN LED Solar Marine Lantern. Designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh marine environment, providing years of reliable, low-maintenance service.
High intensity capacities of up to 1100 candela in white using state-of-the-art LEDs for a visible range of 5-9NM.
EN61000-6-2: 2005.
IEC61000-4-2: 2008.
IEC61000-4-3: 2010.
IEC61000-6-1: 2016.

Class 'A' Flashlight SL-CGA125-2-W

The SL-CGA125-2-W is a US Coast Guard approved Class 'A' flashlight specially designed to meet the needs of structures in the Gulf of Mexico. The flashlight uses 72 LEDs as a light source, reinforced by the Sealite omni-directional LED lens and reflector (US Pat. No. 6,667,582. AU Pat. No. 778,918) for optimum LED performance.

5 + MN - 20MN LED Sectorized Port Entry Light (SL-PEL-10)

With a power of 30 watts and a power of more than 120,000 cd, the PEL-10 has a daytime visible range of 3.5 Mn and a night range of up to 20 Mn. Suitable for high precision applications. Measurement of the change between color sectors of approximately one minute of arc duration. The compact design eliminates the need for split assemblies and the need for realignment in hard-to-reach installation locations. Programmable from a PC. No need to focus or change the lamp and there are no moving parts! Options
AIS (Type 1 or Type 3) class leading and low power
GSM remote monitoring and control capability
GPS enables reliable flash synchronization with multiple units and other AtoNs.
Synchronization by cable or GPS to Sealite omni-directional flashlights.

SL-RL Series Long Range LED Flashlights

With ranges of 5Mn / day and 23 + Mn / night, the Sealite range lights deliver over 424,000 cd at a 3 ° x 3 ° divergence. Extremely low power consumption (28.8w). Ideal for solar energy systems. Multiple intensity settings. Constructed from a CNC machined marine grade aluminum alloy and subjected to a 7 stage powder coating. It comes with convenient PC programming. 310 flash characteristics. Wide operating voltage ranges: Universal DC 10-30VDC or Universal AC 110-240VAC.
GPS synchronization for coordination of multiple marine lanterns and other GSM AtoNs for advanced remote monitoring and control of real-time data and testing, diagnostic data logging, alarm thresholds, and light settings.
AIS (Type 1 or Type 3), both low power and embedded systems.
Internal or external photocell options
Optional solar power configurations available.

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