Life Jacket Type II Cube Model

With a buoyancy of 150 Newton and intended for general use or for use with clothing for bad weather. Therefore, its use is suitable for high-altitude navigation within 200 nautical miles, coastal and interior, for use in high-risk nautical sports.

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Fire retardant 100% of synthetic polyester filaments


(Unique) up to people weighing 120 Kg.


3M Grade SOLAS

In compliance with:



Made with fire retardant textile material, designed to protect the user when jumping into the water from a height of 4.5 meters free of injuries, it has the function of automatically incorporating the user face up at an angle of 45 ° even when completely unconscious. It is recommended for boats with more than 5 meters in length or for deep sea navigation, inland navigation and cabotage.

Advantages: It is the best way to float.

Turn the person on their back with their head above the water, regardless of whether the person is unconscious. It does not suffer alterations due to contact with hydrocarbons and their derivatives. Resistant to exposure to heat and low temperatures, High resistance and durability.


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